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Vintage 9 nixie tube calculator by APF Electronics, Hong Kong, Mark 1. It works great but the first two nixie tubes on the left side do not light up. The other nixie tubes are nice and bright. It will do calculations but only to 7 digits. Calculator is in great shape, there are a few paint specks, but no cracks or chips. It is a solid machine. Measures 10" by 6.5" by 3.5" tall.


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Panaplex Display

From The Auction

Set of 4 Burroughs Panaplex II 7423 neon display modules. From the estate of an electronics engineer. Sold As-Is. Each unit is labeled on back Burroughs Panaplex II Br 16453 7423. Each measures 6.5 by 1.25 inches. Shipping wt 2 lbs.


EDIT: Corrected auction link (9/20/2010 @ 9:27 CST)



This auction is for a vintage 3015F Minitron 7 Segment Display Board.

Condition: Used. I do not have the equipment or training to formally test this board or the 7 segment displays, so it is being sold “as is”.

The printed circuit board contains six 3015F Minitron tube incandescent 7 Segment Displays, each fitted onto a standard 16 pin IC DIP socket. They are driven by six conventional 7447 LED drivers. Board has “ C.E. COX CO.” and “DUAL READOUT CC-200-29 a” silkscreened on it. I was unable to locate any information or schematics for this board.

A minitron is an advancement of filament display technology that follows the same evolutionary step as a panaplex neon display. Instead of being sealed into a tube, minitrons are constructed into rectangular DIP-style envelopes that can be easily integrated into modern circuit layouts. The 3015F is a fairly standard example of such a device: it has a glass front bonded to a sheet metal case, which is covered with a removable plastic cover. Digit height is 0.36” and the package (16 pin DIP) is 0.87" x 0.45" x 0.24". 8 ma / segment. They can be powered by low voltage (5Vdc).



eBay Nixie Watch

eBay Nixie Watch

eBay Nixie Watch


Here is a new NIXIE watch. Great for parties, events etc. A nice collectors item too. Maybe even for everyday use. It is very difficult to make such a small watch with NIXIE tubes, hence they are much more expensive than full size NIXIE clocks. Because of the requirements of the tubes the battery lifetime can never be as long as of the lifetime of batteries in regular watches with mechanical or LCD displays.

Only a very limited number of these watches will be made.

  • A case made of aluminum with a polycarbonate front glass
  • Width (with battery): 63 mm, Depth: 37 mm, Height (from front glass to bottom): 28 mm
  • Two IN-17 tubes
  • Two Batteries required: CR1216 or CR1220 (3 V) for the logic, 23A (12 V) for driving the tubes. Both batteries are available cheaply on Ebay.
  • A replaceable watch band. The width is 18-19 mm.
  • A magnet sensitive switch for time setting. The time is set by operating the switch with a magnet.
  • 24 h or 12 h format. The watch is switched to the 12 h format by activating the magnet sensitive switch while placing the 3 V battery in its holder.
  • The watch is best worn on the left wrist. The right hand version has the battery case on the other side.
  • Raising the hand activates the display for few seconds. The hours are shown first, followed by the minutes.

The package will be send insured, and the full value is marked on the customs declaration form. Send a PM if you want uninsured shipping.

The other objects in the photo are for size comparison only.


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