E1T Philips PW4062 Counter

 E1T Philips PW4062 Counter

 E1T Philips PW4062 Counter

From The Auction

What a find! On offer is a working example of what was a wonder of the age, a six digit decade counter/timer implemented entirely with vacuum tubes! The tubes are the legendary Philips E1T tubes, you can see how they indicate the time in the last photo. The count can be made to reset, count, stop by pressing the appropriate front panel buttons. The timebase was crystal controlled, and one E1T tube is used internally as a prescaler, so the instrument actual contains seven tubes.

I think that this instrument was used in some sort of nuclear physics instrument, and the counter has some multiway sockets on the back with short cables clearly intended to attach to something, but what it was I have no idea.

Power required is 220/240V. Cosmetically the front panel is in nice shape, a few marks but no ugly scratches. There is a clear plastic screen over the tube faces that is not original, but is is easily removed. The top and bottom panels of the chassis are missing. There is no power cord, I make it work with a "death lead", a power cord terminated with croc clips. Everyone should have one!

I will ship worldwide, but be advised that the shipping weight is about 20 Kg, and I shall send the E1T tubes seperately, extremely well packed in plastic pipe, to make sure that they arrive unscathed.



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