Well, again, eBay seller Potomac Metals Inc has a really cool piece of hardware up for auction.  This time it is a 5 digit dekatron counter based on the Sylvania 6476.  It looks like some of the original electronics may be missing; this may be only the display end of the device.  Either way, this is a great little gadget



Dekatron Counter

Dekatron Counter

From The Auction

Up for auction is a vintage Dekatron Counter Display with 5x Sylvania 6476 Tubes. This display is like a nixie display but instead of numbers there are just dots that correspond to numbers on the front panel, in this case 0-9. These tubes are not tested because we do not have anything to hook this up to but all of the tubes are intact and in good condition. There are a couple screws and bolts missing that connect the chasis to the front panel. You could really use any bolt/nut combination that fits. They should not be hard to replace at all.

The 6476 tube is a Bi-directional double-pulse decimal counting tube filled with neon to produce a bright orange color. Check out below for all the specs on this tube.

- Tube type: 6476
- Brand: Sylvania
- Substitutes: 6476A, CK6476
- Counting direction: bidirectional
- Operation: double pulse
- Sort: SEL
- Base: B12E
- Socket: B12E
- Zero position: pin12
- Counting steps: 10
- Number of guides: 2
- Gas filling: Neon
- Tube diameter max.: 37,2364
- Tube height max.: 96,139
- Max. counting speed: 4
- Supply volt. min.: 350
- Supply volt. typ.: 400
- Maintaining voltage typ.: 191
- Anode/cath. current typ.: 445
- Anode/cath. current max.: 600
- Anode resistor typical: 470 (820)
- Voltage between 2 cathodes max.: 140
- Cathode resistor typical: 68 (100)
- Output voltage: 28 (30)

- Pinout::
- PIN 01: K0
- PIN 02: K9
- PIN 03: K8
- PIN 04: K7
- PIN 05: K6
- PIN 06: K5
- PIN 07: K4
- PIN 08: K3
- PIN 09: K2
- PIN 10: K1
- PIN 11: G2
- PIN 12: G1
- center cap: A


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