Numitron-based tube clocks

Kit $24.98 / Assembled $31.98

Numitron Clock has a new kit and clock for sale on their website - it is a single digit numitron clock. I really like the small design of the kit and you can't go wrong with the price.  Check it out.  Lastly, check out Accutron's post on the forum if you have any questions.


The YS-950 is an inexpensive single-digit clock equipped with a 'Numitron'-style seven-segment filament display tube and a 16F628 PIC microcontroller. The YS-950 displays time by cycling through each digit incrementally, starting with the tens of hours position and ending with the minutes position. A row of four LEDs along the side of the device indicate which digit is currently displayed. The display will remain idle for a user-defined amount of time between each digit display cycle.


Welcome to part two of my video review experiment.  In this post, I will review the Nocrotec Numiclock x2000 Numitron Clock.  I actually purchased this clock without tubes and added 6x IEE DA 2000 numitron tubes to complete the clock.  Nocrotec sells the clock without tubes, with flat top tube and with rounded top tubes.  As of the time this post was published, all three were still for sale on their website.


Video URL:

by Dieter Wächter / Nocrotec

$375 - $399



This device easily is one of the most attractive tube clocks for sale. Dieter clearly has a talent for not only the engineering perspective, but also for the aesthetics. Sadly, this clock is no longer for sale on his website or thought his eBay account. This clock comes in two variations: with rounded tubes and with flat top tubes. The flat top tubes are DA/DR 2000 tubes while the rounded ones are DA/DR 2010 tubes. DA = Apollo. D = RCA.

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By Richard White II /

Price: $20 (board only) to $56 (all components except tubes)

I've been looking for a new numitron clock to add to my collection ever since I got my Numimini earlier this year.  While I was searching, I found a great kit from Richard White II for only $56.  You have to assemble it yourself, but he has designed it in such a way that you can add any numitron tube you like.  I have several DR-2000 tubes but I wanted to make something unique: end view DTF104B tubes.  It turns out that Richard was thinking along the same lines I was:

Numitron Clock


This looks like a pretty straightforward kit to build.  The challenger here, along with most DIY clocks is building a case for it.  If you have any suggestions, let me know!



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