by Dieter Wächter / Nocrotec

$375 - $399



This device easily is one of the most attractive tube clocks for sale. Dieter clearly has a talent for not only the engineering perspective, but also for the aesthetics. Sadly, this clock is no longer for sale on his website or thought his eBay account. This clock comes in two variations: with rounded tubes and with flat top tubes. The flat top tubes are DA/DR 2000 tubes while the rounded ones are DA/DR 2010 tubes. DA = Apollo. D = RCA.

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  • 12/24h mode
  • Date in configuration DD.MM.YY or MM.DD.YY
  • Leading zero suppression: The leading zero can be blanked or shown
  • Cross fading: different modes to fade the digits from one number to the next
  • Alarm clock
  • Power Down Mode: tubes and supply can be totally switched off for a user programmed period in order to save energy and increase life expectancy of the tubes
  • Time is battery buffered when no line power is available; battery will last for more than 10 years
  • User settings are always stored


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