Want a rare NEO-5000 or alphanumeric B-5971 nixie tube?  Well, here is your chance to get one for free.  Or, possible even both for free. is running a contest.  To enter, all you have to do is register and leave a comment on the official thread.

See the thread for the official rules.  Contest ends at midnight on September 1st.

Good Luck!


NEO 5000 and B5971

TurboMac sent in some photos of a Nixie tube dissection he performed on an IN-2 and IN-17. Be sure to note the number of 0's.  Click on the image to load the gallery.

Nixie Tube Dissection

(Thanks for sending these in!)

I wanted to post a few quick updates from Turbo Hobby.  First up - he has a new clock design that will be going on sale soon.  It is a single digit VFD clock that comes in either a top view VFD (YS30) or an end view VFD (YS18) design and will be available as either a kit or fully assembled. There will be a matching acrylic case for these designs soon.  One thing to note: this design does not include the 4 led's to display HHMM like the Nixie clock version does.  (I'm pretty sure that I am going to have to get the end-view VFD design once it is out!)

Single Digit VFD Clock

Single Digit VFD Clock

Second, he has released an acrylic case for his existing single digit SZ-8 Nixie clock.  I've been a big fan of his design and am looking forward to the enclosure.

Single Digit Nixie Clock

Single Digit Nixie Clock

Presumably, once his design is completed, it will be available here:

Photo by L. Marie on Flickr / CC Use

"On a long enough time line, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero."

I wanted to get the community’s feedback on a problem that nearly every tube collector & Nixie clock owner must address: Do you use your tubes or do you keep them in storage?

As I see it, there are two basic risks that one encounters.  The first is physical damage - leaving your collection on display increases the odds of the glass envelope breaking. The second, and greater threat, is wearing out the tube and Cathode Poisoning.  As you use the tube, the brightness will diminish with time.  If the digits are not properly exercised, dark spots can form on the less-used digits.  (And if it is an incandescent display like a Numitron, the filaments can burn out as well.)

For common display types, like the IN-12, it seems to make sense to use them, let them fade, and then replace them. Since there does not appear to be any impending shortage of tubes and they are cheap, it seems to make sense to actually use them.

But what about increasingly rare tubes? For example, what about an IN-18 or B7971 or something that is steadily increasing in price (and presumably increasing in rarity?)  It seems wasteful to not display these tubes but at the same time, simply using them causes harm.

Chuck Palahniuk put it well when he said "On a long enough time line. The survival rate for everyone drops to zero."  The same is true for any type of vacuum tube.  They will break.  They will wear out.  They will gas out.  Do you use them and enjoy them?  Do you use them sparingly?  Do you only keep them in storage?  Please let me know in the comments!

Photo by L. Marie on Flickr / CC Use

Do you have a Nixie clock or similar project that you're working on? If you want to share it with the world, wold be happy to host your project. Images, video, text, schematics - just about anything that is related to this site. Our goal is to build this in to a community oriented site and the easiest way to do that is to allow you to contribute.

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