I found some great old photographs from the Burroughs corporation.  The images were taken at the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Convention in Washington, D.C.May 20 - 22, 1957.  This place just screams cool.


Burroughs Nixie Display

This portion of a larger exhibition features "Nixie Type 6844" vacuum tubes. A sign at top of the machine shows a vacuum tube and an arrow which reads: "Beam Switching Tube." A sign on the wall behind the display reads: "[fore]most Name . . " and "[el]ectronic co[mpo]nent[s] . . ."


Burroughs Nixie Display

Large exhibit space over which the banner reads: "Burroughs Corporation : The Foremost Name in Computation : Geared to Perform the Complete Cycle of Defense Work." A smaller sign in the background reads: "Burroughs occupies a strategic position in the advanced field of Electronic Computers : Digital and Analog : Instrumentation, Aircraft and Navigation : Control Systems, Airborne and Shipborne : Communications, Equipment and Systems."


The images are copyright Charles Babbage Institute, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis - and are used under fair use principals.

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