I'm never sure where to put kits like these or the Ogi Lumen kit so I created a new category.  They aren't completed clocks or even kits but they definitely are not vacuum tubes.  Like the other kit, this one is an Arduino based kit designed to drive nixie displays.  It appears that the user needs to bring their own power supply and Arudino - the board simply provides a safe interface between all of the components.   


ArduiNIX close up


The device comes in three varieties:

  1. ArduiNIX Nixie Tube Driver Shield Kit - $45
  2. ArduiNIX Nixie Tube Driver Shield Board Only - $6.00
  3. ArduiNIX Nixie Tube Driver Shield Fully Assembled - $94.00


ArduiNIX Prototype


From their website:

The ArduiNIX was created by two video game developers Jeremy Howa and Bradley Lewis over the course of 6 months.  Jeremy and Brad got the idea to drive a nixie clock using Arduino, and soon the ArduiNIX was born.

The ArduiNIX is an Arduino Decimelia compatible shield which plugs right onto the top of the Arduino board.  ArduiNIX takes care of stepping power from 9vDC wall wart* up to a maximum of approx. 200vDC to drive any and all Nixie tubes.  ArduiNIX also provides Multiplexed display for up to 80 elements by using 4 anode channels and 20 cathode channels. Multiplexing increases the life expectancy of your nixie tube investment.

Not only does the ArduiNIX provide a nixie tube platform for standard clock functions, but it is also user programmable, meaning if you can program it using the arduino environment, you can make it happen on your nixie display.

Check them out here: http://www.arduinix.com/Main/Welcome.htm

On MAKE: http://forums.makezine.com/comments.php?DiscussionID=5739

On Hack A Day: http://hackaday.com/2009/06/22/arduino-nixie-shield/

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