I've been working on creating a logo image for this site using a series of Burroughs 5971 Alphanumeric tubes to spell out the letters of the title.

As a proof of concept, I simply wired the correct cathodes together to manually spell out the characters.  This would have worked if I had a power supply that could supply enough current.  I am using one of these as a source (not shown in the video) and several 9V batteries connected in series to power it.  However, I quickly discovered that it would only illuminate a few random letters when both halves were connected.  In the video below, you can see me connecting "TUBE" and "CLOCK" with mixed results.  (Generally, all that is shown is UBE / CLOC)

{vimeo width="549" height="309"}9012362{/vimeo}


Moral of the story, I need a better setup to accomplish this!

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