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IV-18 VFD Clock

User Turbo_Hobby has released a new clock based on the IV-18 VFD tube and it looks pretty slick.  There has been other clocks based on this tube but no other ones, based on my recollection, include a calculator function.  That's right, it is also a calculator.  It seems fitting that the tube that was originally designed for calculators is finally being used for one in this vacuum tube Renaissance.

The production time on each one of these devices is significant.  Each one of his creations is hand assembled and even the transformer is hand wound.  In practice, this means that he is only able to produce about one per month.  Given that, the starting price is pretty good.  (I sure wouldn't want to hand solder the SMT components.)

Turbo_Hobby is also the same guy who created the single digit nixie clock that I really like.  He doesn't have a lot of feedback on eBay yet but I would not hesitate to do business with him again.


IV-18 keyboard


IV-18 VFD Clock

From the auction:

This is a fully assembled IV-18 VFD clock, with alarm, date, temperature and calculator function!  Largest 8-digit VFD tube from USSR, NOS. Please refer to the video below or contact me for detailed explanation. Assembled with high-quality SMD components, with calibrated accurate clock pulse generator. The clock can be powered by either mini USB port or a 3.5mm 5V DC power supply, and keeps time by a SMD lithium battery when powered off.

IV-18 VFD Clock


  • 8 digit, 7 brightness level
  • Displays time, date (DD.MM.YYYY), day (1-7) and temperature (°C and °F both) every 30 seconds.
  • 3 alarms
  • Dual input (mini USB or 3.5mm 5V DC wall adaptor)
  • AC driven VFD provides uniform display
  • Four buttons control (set, select, up and down)
  • Made by high quality components
  • Extensible 8-digit calculator (please purchase the matrix keyboard separately)
  • Uses high quality components
    • Philips RTC (Real-time Clock) - PCF8563
    • Accurate SMD Clock Oscillator
    • Murata (Japan) SMD Clock Trimmer Capacitor
    • NEC 6312 Specific VFD Driver IC
    • EPCOS SMD Tantalum Capacitors
    • ATmel M32 Microprocessor
    • SANYO SMD CR2025 Backup Battery



#1 Guest 2010-09-02 11:46
Class device, I will make to myself same.
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