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Kosbo VFD Round Clock


Kosbo has just come out with a new VFD clock that is different from just about any other on the market.  Instead of using discreet 7-segment tubes like the IV-11, this used one single display in the shape of an analog clock.


Kosbo VFD Round Clock

I personally own one of his IV-11 clocks and I’m quite happy with it.  The PCB board is professionally assembled and I like the design of it.  This round VFD clock takes it to the next level – soon there will be an acrylic base to complete the device and based on the renderings provided, it looks quite attractive.

Once the base is released, I may order one and do a more formal review based on that.  In the mean time, go over to and check out the rest of the photos and the specs.  If you already have one of these, please leave me a message in the comments.  I'd really like to get your opinion on this device.


Kosbo VFD Round Clock

From the site:

  • Newly designed VFD Round Clock - just arrived on the market
  • Unique compact design - there is nothing similar on market yet
  • Circuit boards diameter is the same as tube's one - just make 30mm hole for whole clock installation
  • Based on the modern Vacuum Fluorescent Display, which has 60 two sizes handle segments for real analogue clock simulation
  • Reliable, simple to connect and easy to use Clock
  • High efficiency and low power consumption for energy saving
  • Use it as a Clock on your office table or  as Alarm Clock to wake you up in your bedroom
  • Convenient  Time display reading
  • Easy control with only 2 buttons.
  • Over current and mixed polarity protection.
  • Integrated Backup battery to keep Clock running in case of power failure for up to 14 days.




#1 Guest 2010-03-24 18:12
I ordered one of these, based on your blog post here. Not much I can say really, other than hot damn. I did write a favorable blog post about it, feel free to check it out:
#2 Guest 2010-03-25 02:58
I'm jealous. I'm waiting for the acrylic enclosure and then I am going to have to order one. It sounds like you've had a good experience with yours. I posted a link to your site on the Facebook page.

#3 TERRA Operative 2013-01-24 08:02
I have one of these clocks.
Well designed and easy to put together, although expectedly fiddly to insert all the pins of the VFD into the PCB.

The optional case looks nice, but doesn't quite 'clip' together, so a bit of glue of some sort would greatly help to hold it together.

Other than that, it's a nice clock that always receives positive comments.
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