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Price: 120 EUR


IV-18 Tube Clock

I found this clock on Neonixie-l and I really liked the design.  It is similar to the Ice Tube Clock from Adafruit but I personally like this design much more.  It is housed in a acrylic cylinder and has a much more polished look and feel to it.  If you're curious about the build, Claus has included the full manual and high resolution build photos to help you

From the site:

Technical details:

  • 9-12 Volt AC 50 Hz or 60 Hz
  • used tube: VFD IV-18
  • current: 120 mA at 12 Volt
  • Optional DCF77 Module clock shows time (mains driven) or DCF77 timing
  • If in DCF77 mode, the clock shows the date for 5 seconds


What you get:

  • kit with all parts needed (SMD parts already solder on the pcb)
  • IV-18 VFD tube
  • Power 9-12 Volt AC
  • housing: Acrylic cylinder, 2 Acrylic side plates
  • CNC milled and laser cut
  • chrome plated connector
  • silver wire
  • wires for power supply socket and DCF77 socket
  • stencils for mounting the tube correctly
  • 2 x spacers for the 7 silver wires (pcb material milled)
  • 2 sockets (power supply and DCF 77)


IV-18 Tube Clock




#1 Per Jensen 2013-04-19 22:39
Claus-Dieter Urbach ?! - Dieter and Claus are rivals, and not the same person :-O
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