I recently featured one of Michael's clocks, the PanPacific, and I also want to show off this one.  This devices is built using Z5680M tubes which are second only to the Rodan CD-47's.  For a comparison, here is a CD-47 next to a Z5680M. One more impressive fact - this clock weighs in at over 25 Lbs!


The description from Mike's site:
The clock’s direct drive electronics are not mine, they are those of the venerable, Jeff Thomas, Nixie Clock builder extraordinaire. The black PCB is a current revision of the original. All the wonderful features of the Thomas clocks are present  in this device.  GPS is the discontinued Motorola Oncore, slung beneath the PCB making use of an external generic GPS antenna. It can be difficult to get this GPS to lock on, especially where signal strength is not optimum. I have added a beautiful little INS-1 as a center-mounted ‘pilot light’. The case just seemed to beg for it! The casework design is an effort to emulate the Streamline Moderne style, the U.S. answer to the Art Deco movement! Constructed of polished 1/2” X 6” T-6061 aluminum flat bar and 0.125” brass plate, the clock weighs in at a formidable 25.5 pounds. Measuring 16” X 6” at it’s base the clock is a monster,  and it would take upwards of a 7.0 to even make it budge! Tubes for this bad boy are scarce and ridiculously priced, thereby rendering this device pretty much impractical as hell to leave running. So this clock will get by on it’s non-illuminated good looks most of the time.



All images and text are used with permission and are owned by Michael B.  http://www.badnixie.com/NixiModerne_-_the_resurrection.html


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