Michael (http://www.badnixie.com) has some made some very nice and distinct looking nixie clocks that I want to share.  He has been building an average of once clock every three months and has quite possibly the largest nixie clock collection that I've seen.  His work is impressive; be sure to check out his site.


PanPacific Nixie Clock

This clock is called the PanPacific Nixie clock.  From his site:

The casework of the PanPacific Nixie clock is inspired by the now defunct Pan Pacific Auditorium in Los Angeles I make an attempt to emulate some of this gorgeous building’s Streamline Moderne design features. The case is constructed of black walnut with a piece of walnut crotch wood fashioned for the top plate. Crotch wood is milled from the saddle or crotch formed by a large branch and the trunk of the tree. The laminates are brass plate and the Colon towers are fashioned from brass bar stock. The electronics are extracted from of one of my Jeff Thomas NixiChrons and grafted to a tube board made up of Z5680M sockets harvested from a 1980’s German Frequency Analyzer purchased on Ebay. I terminated each socket lead with a male Mouser pin and plugged the pins into the female Mouser pins in the NixiChron board, thus leaving the NixiChron in tact. The leads from the custom made colon towers were similarly terminated. Anode resistors were changed from the standard 1/4 watt to 1 watt to address the increased current draw of the Z5680M vs. the IN-18’s, but other than that, no changes were made to the NixiChron. I did relocate the 1PPS/MCU run indicator LED to the rear panel, but I did that because I thought it looked kinda cool.

PanPacific Nixie Clock

(All images and text are used with permission and are owned by Michael B.  http://www.badnixie.com/The_PanPacific.html


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