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$999 / on sale soon-ish.



The second version of the Scope Clock is currently in production and will hopefully be on sale soon. The display of the clock is a CRT display originally intended for oscilloscopes. All of the display characters are drawn as vector images, unllike the AVR based Scop Clock kit sold by SparkFun Electronics.

In the updated version of the Scope Clock, the housing has been completely redesign to fit in a much smaller cylindrical housing. I can’t tell for sure but it appears to still be based on the 3RP1A CRT. The time is set via GPS. You need to program the UTC Offset and DST parameters but once it finds a GPS signal, this will be the most accurate clock in your house!


The new version:

The original version:


+1 #1 Guest 2010-07-27 15:28
This thing is beautiful. I'd buy one these in a New York minute if ever released!
+1 #2 Brian Stuckey 2010-07-27 15:32
Absolutely. Sadly, David hasn't updated the project in 2 years. Your best bet is to go with or - but neither one uses the nice vector display of the Cathode Corner design :-/
#3 Aaron Stokes 2012-07-06 00:10
Like many, I fell in love with David Forbe's brilliantly designed vector scope clock, but was very sad not to ever be able to get one. So, over the last 3 years I have built a couple scope clocks based on David's published design. I've rewritten the code for the PIC and enhanced functionality a fair bit. I've even added locale switching and currently support Japanese language display for a bit of flair!

I'm a hobbyist and this is not supposed to be a business, but I'm considering to build and sell one or two clocks every once in a while to fund other projects, if someone wants one.

Like David did with his SC200 board, I have made schematics, boards, 3D models, and software (GPL) freely available, so I hope you will find the site interesting and useful.

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