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Jean-Jacques Gorssens sent me a link to his amazing crt based clock.  The clock is based on a PIC 16F648 microprocessor, a DS1337 realtime clock and a DS75 temperature sensor.  What makes this clock different from any other that I've seen is that it also has room for an optional EEPROM to store frames for animation.  The tube used in the videos and photos below is a DG7/32 but it supports other displays with minimal modification.

crt clock

Fonts and Animation:

The font creation is done...using Open Office.  Open Office Calc is used to define the points for each character and then output them in a format friendly format.  Open Office is also used to convert 3D points in to a 2D projection and those points are added to the source code of the software and can then be used for display.  He even wrote a program with LAZARUS allows for him to vectorize images and store them in the software for display.  Be sure to watch the walking animation for a sample of the final product.

{vimeo width="600" height="340"}21858875{/vimeo}

{vimeo width="600" height="340"}21858859{/vimeo}

Additionally, Jean-Jacques provides the software for the PIC and the software needed for the animated 3D logo.  The part list and schematics are available on his website.  Even the fonts that he designed for his clock are available for others to use.  (Thanks for sharing with the community!)  Please be sure to visit his website for more detail - it is well worth the read!


More Videos:


{vimeo width="600" height="340"}21858930{/vimeo}

{vimeo width="600" height="340"}21858896{/vimeo}


All images and video are owned by Jean-Jacques and used with permission.  Videos re-hosted on Vimeo with premission for speed.


#1 Juergen Grau 2011-04-03 02:39
Wow, this could be a fantastic kit as the ciruity is not too complex. :-)
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