nixie assembly

nixie assembly


From The Auction

This is a NIXIE tube display from an old

HP counter. It uses vacuum tubes for the counting logic.

There are 3 type 47 lamps that shine from back to front through some kind of light tube.

These tubes create decimal points. They might be relocated to form a colon.

A orange tinted bezel is also included.

With a little work and some imagination you

Could build a nixie clock entirely from vacuum tube


It has 7 nixie tubes for the display, and 28 each of

the 5963 dual triode (similar to 12AU7) tubes for the counters.

I took a 5963 from each counter and tested on a tube tester.

They tested from 3200-3400mmho.

The book says that 3200 is average, so the tubes test good.

I have no way to test the nixie tubes.



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