Epoch Clock - By ThinkGeek (OEM unknown)

$39.99 / Thinkgeek.com




I love this clock. It is nerdy on so many levels but manages to keep a good formal arrangement. Who says geeks can’t be designers?

The Epoch in this case refers to the Unix Epoch (AKA POSIX Time) of 00:00:00 UTC Jan 1, 1970. Basically, computers count time as an integer starting at that time. That integer is converted to HH MM SS by the computer and then displayed in a human readable format. This clock displays the raw vale for the time. Additionally, this clock can display time in hexadecimal, octal, binary or roman numeral formats. I still can’t read roman numerals so I don’t think I will be using that one too much….



More Info: http://www.thinkgeek.com/homeoffice/lights/a7c5/


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