Okay, tonight we have two new LED clocks to check out.  Sure, they're not nixie clocks but they are pretty cool and I think you'll love them.

First up is yanzeyuan's LED matrix clock.  This gadget is made up of 6 5x7 square led matrix displays.  Below is a quick video of it in use.  You can learn more about it in the forum, on his site, and you can purchase a kit for $99 on eBay.

{vimeo width="700" height="390"}27362023{/vimeo}

Next up is a large 4 digit 7-segment clock by forum member Digitalledclock. He posted a few cool photos in the forum and he will be selling these via eBay soon.  It is a nice clean design that I quite like.  Learn more in the forum and enjoy the photos below.  These sell for $199 on eBay (link coming soon).

LED Clock

LED Clock

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