Good news, the USB powered Magic Eye Winker from is finished!  It is based on the same dimensions as the tube board from the Magic Eye VU-Meter (50 mm diameter) this gadget does only one thing: "Winking".

It is powered via USB * and all 6V heater tubes can be fitted. Solder bridges on the bottom side will connect the signals according to the socket needed for the tube.

These tubes can be fitted:

EM80 / EM81 / EM84 / PM84 / EM85 / EM87 / EM800 / EAM86 / 6BR5 / 6DA5 / 6E2 / 6E3P / 4FG6 / 6FG6 / 6DH7 / 6HU6

* it can also be powered from an external battery pack up to 18V, so it is possible to fit tubes with different heater voltages like the UM80 with 19V for example

Want to know more?  Ask Jürgen in the forums.

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