The Temp’n’Glow nixie tube thermometer got a bit of an update in the last few days.  Claus-Dieter Urbach and Dieter Wächter have just released a nice enclosure for their thermometer kit.  The device uses a Dallas DS18S20 sensor on lengths of wire between 1 and 10 meters.  It supports up to two sensors so you can use measure both indoor and outdoor temperature at the same time.  The update frequency and error detection settings are user adjustable.  Lastly, to prevent cathode poisoning, the device cycles though the digits in a slot machine like effect to help lengthen the life of the IN-16s.



The enclosure features:

  • black top
  • black base
  • crystal clear sides or black sides (optional)
  • you can see the inside of the thermometer, if you use the clear side parts
  • black side parts as an option
  • the blue LEDs mirror on the black top
  • tubes mirror on black top
  • all holes for sensors and power supply
  • holes for the 2 tubes at the top
  • 4 nixie top plate screws - now included
  • 4 distance holders 6mm
  • very easy to build ( 2 minutes)
  • no glue needed
  • all side parts are pluggable
  • all acrylic parts covered with foil to prevent scratches during building process
  • 105mm x 75mm x 28mm


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