Kosbo Driver Board

Konstantin from Kosbo.com has a new board for IN-18 and IN-14 nixie tubes for sale on eBay.  It is the diameter of a tube and includes the high voltage transistors and resistors needed in one nice package.  For 2.99 GBP, it is a pretty good deal. 

Key Features

  • IN-4 or IN-18 Nixie tube round board with High Voltage transistor drivers and anode resistor
  • High quality of components, board and soldering
  • 29mm board diameter does not exceed tube diameter
  • Ideal for IN-4 or IN-18 1 to 6 digits clocks or other Nixie tube projects
  • Can be used as a High Voltage driver board with other Nixie tubes
  • Two 4pins plug connectors for easy use on bread board
  • Simple, reliable and secure solution for your main PCB design
  • Ideal to use with our Nixie tube pins we have for sale in our EBay shop.
  • Board diameter is 29mm, 
top layer components height does not exceed 2.5mm
  • Sample SW code for Microchip microcontroller for your easy project start

Sample Circuit


Kosbo Driver Board

(images and text used with permission)


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