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Price: est. $190 USD / eBay


Pixel Design Boulder Nixie Clock

Pixel Design just sent me a notice that they are selling a new clock design.  I originally wrote about there IN-8-2 clock in a black acrylic case a few weeks ago.  The new design is named Boulder and appears to have a newly designed chrome base that looks much more professional than their original design.  With the design improvements comes a bump in price.  The clock is currently on eBay and the current bid price (starting bid) is $198.99 USD. Is the increase in price worth it?  Probably.  This looks like a solid design.

One other thing that I really like about this device is that it is well documented.  They sent me a 16 page manual that explains how the device works, how to care for it, and provides more technical information.  You can read the full manual here.


Pixel Design Boulder Nixie Clock




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