by Patrick Mignot

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I originally contacted Patrick about featuring his F9020AA Single tube clock clock on this site.  He has quite a few different devices that he has built and I wanted to share his #7 clock.  It is a single digit clock based off of an IN-4 ИН-4 nixie tube.  Of course, the stand out feature of this device is the shape of it.  Unlike something the Turbo_Hobby clock, this one also features a calendar and alarms/chimes.  Patrick also points out that the exercise of learning to read the clock provides a god source of mental stimulation.  While a single digit clock is not particularly hard to read, this does take a little bit of time to get used to.


Patrick Mignot #7 Nixie Clock

Images, video and description below are owned by Patrick Mignot and used with permission.

About This Clock

  • This is a single digit Nixie tube clock, will display one after one HH then MM
  • Originally fitted with a Russian IN-4 Nixie tube, any front view Nixie tube of the same diameter can be attached to this design, individual pin receptacles are used in place of a socket to plug the tube.(for transportation purpose, the original tube supplied with the clock is slightly silicon glued to the case)
  • The case is made of Cherry wood, varnish finish, no special care needed.
  • Tube backlight can be turned off (switch located in the case)
  • Feature smart single button settings and PWM dimming 0 to 100%.
  • High accuracy from a 4Mhz quality crystal
  • Power outage backup facility (no battery needed)



  • This clock is from an original design by my friend Rhett Bryson – Department of Theatre Arts – Furman University  - (SC - USA)
  • The clock has been made in France using high quality French Cherry wood (meurisier)



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