by Patrick Mignot

Price: Not For Sale

I know it is easy to impress me with unusual clocks, but this one really stands out.  I found this clock through an eBay auction for a very unusual F9020AA Nixie Tube.  Not only is this tube huge (it is nearly as tall as a B-7971), it is also flat.  I have never seen any other nixie tube with this design and I am having trouble finding more information on the tube itself.  (As an interesting note, six tubes like this was posted 1/24/2010 and it sold within 24 hours for $550 each.)

The dimensions are: (Height: 133mm (including nipple and pins) - width: 63mm - thickness: 34mm - digit height: 60mm - digit width: 40mm)


F9020AA Nixie Tube Clock

F9020AA Nixie Clock

(images used with permission)

Patrick has several other clocks that are worth checking out.  He provides plenty of photos of his work and even has a few numitron clocks and a B-7971 clock as well.



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