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Price: TBD, currently $103 on eBay


Pixel Design Nixie Clock

I just found this clock on eBay from a new seller, Pixeldesign2009.  It is based on a Russian IN-8-2 tube and has a built in time base.  No more information is provided via the auction other than it has a "built in RTC clock."  I am guessing that it is just an inexpensive mechanism as precision does not seem to be the focus of this device.  Additionally, based on the description, this appears to be 24-hour mode only.  Lastly, no information is given on whether this is a directly driven display or multiplexed.

With all of that said, this could be a nice addition to any collection.  The tubes are pretty small and while no dimensions are given, I am guessing the clock is no wider than 6 to 8 inches. The case appears to be a black plastic and does not appear to be a kit of any kind.  For $100, this isn't a bad deal.

UPDATE 12-28-2009:

I contacted the seller via eBay and asked for more information on this device.  The following information was provided:

  • Software
    • Time display
    • 24-hour mode
    • Date display
    • YY:MM:DD mode
    • HH:MM:SS 24Hr mode
    • Programmable tubes shut-down by power switch and time still correct count.
  • Hardware
    • Tube module design: easy change tube module without soldering for tube life issue.
    • MCU running at 24MHz
    • RTC with battery back-up (CR2032 Lithium battery)
    • Tube's Drive mode: multiplex mode with PWM control for tube life issue.
    • 3 push buttons to adjust time and date.
    • Power supply: 12V 300mA DC 5.5/2.1mm jack with positive inner high
    • precision (10PPM)timebase XTAL(32.768KHz)
    • The Dimensions of it are (W.L.H)172mm x 59mm x 39mm and(W.L.H)172mm x 59mm x 80mm(With Tube Module).




+1 #1 Guest 2009-12-29 06:16
I want one of these! Do you have a hands on review of one?
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