By Jeff Thomas / Resonant Instruments, LLC

Price: $299 / eBay


Jeff Thomas GPS Clock

Jeff Thomas has another great nixie clock for sale on eBay.  It is a $299 GPS 6-digit nixie clock that is encased in a clear arcrylic enclosure.  I have a Nixichron by him and it is easily one of the best designed clocks I own.  After reading the manual, this clock appears to have the same or a very similar setup.  The GPS feature is a very nice touch.  If you have ever had a power outage you will appreciate not having to reset this device.


Jeff Thomas GPS Clock

From the auction:

GPSII features: Chronometer precision, using GPS.

  • Auto setting on powerup (no battery backup needed)
  • Menu items are permanently stored in EEROM.
  • 12 or 24 hours display.
  • Programmable display disable at night.
  • Adjustable display brightness level.
  • Safe 12vdc 300ma operation.
  • A professionally engineered product.
  • Variable Scrolling Information Display.
  • PM indicator for 12 hour display.
  • Digital Temperature sensor with quarter degree resolution.
  • Nine different Chime offerings (including Morse code)
  • Alarm clock feature.
  • Addressable colon indicators.
  • Leading zero blanking in 12hr display mode.
  • Automatic DST offset  -incl 2007 changes (USA, Europe, Australia, manual N and S hemisphere)

Now go buy it before I do!

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