By Kev Stenning /

Price: $call / limited production of 10 units


Steampunk Nixie Clock


Nixie Clock Steam Punk Style.
Limited run of 10 only.
6 x IN-18 Nixie Tubes.
All Parts outside the Tube solid Copper and Brass Polished.
Gold Option.
Toughened Glass Tube.
Alarm, Time, Date.
The red stop cocks are the switches for setting the clock.
Hardwood and Brass Case.
+44 0208 533 7972
Agent and Gallery enquiries welcome.



#1 william mellor 2010-09-09 21:41
Hey! STeamPunk! what ya got there??
#2 Guest 2011-02-25 03:21
could you please email the price of this clock. I am in love with the beauty!!!
#3 Dave Povey 2011-06-08 00:35
I can never quite decide if this is a 'scam' or not?
How many people I wonder have been made to look stupid after enquiring about purchasing such an item only to be told "tricked ya, can't really buy something that does not exist!"

It's not real (obviously) but kudos to the 3d design work looks awesome, great imagination, oh to own one in rl.
#4 Brian Stuckey 2011-06-08 00:42
You're right, it is a render and the innards are based on the Kosbo IN-18 clock (according to the designer.) I don't know if he has sold the price he quoted me, it would easily have been worth his time to build the enclosure for real. Still, it is a cool design.
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