"Lars" and "Laura" are two old school Nixie Clocks from NixieKits.eu. At the time of writing, Laura is no more, but "Lars" (the little clock on top of the larger one) is still available. NixieKits.eu seems to have lost the drive to make new clocks, or even replenish stocks of the old ones, and it appears that as the old models run out of stock they are not re-ordered.

In any case, "Lars" is still available, and has 6 x IN-17 tubes. This video shows some of the display effects in action. 

The display effects are the same as the ones that Pete Virica uses in his QTC clocks. The PIC micro controller software was designed by him and modified Jürgen for these clocks. The lack of updates to this firmware might be a sign that nothing new is coming out of this collaboration.



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