Here is a new clock coming soon from - this is Laura:

Laura Nixie Clock

An IN-2 clock, based on the features from Sven - incl. Alarm, but with some more improvements:

  • High quality socket pins for the socketed IN-2
  • 2 x 3 multiplex for higher brightness / less tube noise
  • High Efficiency HV voltage converter "ultra cool design", therefore the clock can be easily powered from a single USB connector (power consumption less than 2 VA incl. turned on LEDs) and all electrical parts (incl. MosFet and inductor remains cool - not even warm).
  • As an option: Build in ASK receiver module for "wireless GPS reception"
  • External connector (1/8" TRS jack) for DCF/MSF/WWVB or wired GPS receiver (BR-355)
  • Easy enabling or disabling Day Saving Time by a single button's push
  • RGB controller for tube backlight with selectable LED fixed colour / brightness for every hour and / or auto changing colours with variable speed
  • Extra master blanking time for disabling the complete display during weekdays / weekends etc.
  • 1F Super Cap power backup for keeping the time for more than 24 hrs without power supply
  • New extra optical Nixie effects: fading digit with "scroll back", date scrolling in and out

Laura Nixie Clock

Laura Nixie Clock


LEDs on rear for: Alarm, DST active, Time Sync, Time Data input

The PCBs are made with a lot of tiny SMT parts, but they are all pre-assembled and soldered. So building the clock within 2 hrs. is not a problem at all.



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