IN-8 Blue Dream Nixie Clock

Dieter Wächter of and Claus Urbach of and, worked together to develop this kit.  Hopefully we can expect more from them in the future!

The kit uses Russian IN-8 tubes that have a blue LED underneath to illuminate the glass envelope. This clock has several optional features worth noting:  it can use either GPS or a DCF77 receiver to set the time.  I have never actually seen a clock offer one or the other so I think that this design is unique in that regards.


IN-8 Blue Dream Nixie Clock

The clock offers other features:

  • Black Brilliance Case
  • cross fade mode (digits fade from one number to the next)
  • dimmable tubes
  • Tubes sit in sockets - therefore easy to replace
  • spare tubes available (see above)
  • switchable blue LED bottom illumination
  • tubes can be switches off manually (Clock runs further meanwhile)
  • 12/24 hours mode in DCF77 or GPS mode
  • date display (can be switched off)
  • date display in arrangement: DD MM YY or MM DD YY
  • Night power down mode (tubes can be switched off at preset times by hardware)
  • supports DCF77 receiver
  • supports special GPS receiver
  • simple assembling
  • no SMD parts
  • high grade epoxy PCB

Parts you will need:

Optional Accessories

IN-8 Blue Dream Nixie Clock

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