Okay, folks, this is the moment you were waiting for.  I just got word from Jürgen that the remaining pieces of the enclosure are now in stock and ready for sale.  (Actually, he told me a few hours ago but I was at work....)

top view manuela nixie clock


The base price, without tubes and an enclosure is 110 EUR

The desktop enclosure is 25 EUR

The tubes cost:

  • IN-12 clear: 10 EUR
  • IN-12 coated: 15 EUR
  • ZM1100 AEG clear: 30 EUR
  • ZM1100 TELEFUNKEN orange coated: 30 EUR
  • ZM1180 SIEMENS red coated: 50 EUR

Shipping to the US is 20 EUR

Assembly is free for the first few customers :)



the color cycling RBG combination is standard but you may also order red, orange, green, cyan, blue, pink, warm white (gold), cool white.




top view manuela nixie clock

top view manuela nixie clock

top view manuela nixie clock




RULES: If you buy one, you have to post photos in the forum :)


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