Please Help! is working on an updated Manuela design and this new clock will allow the user to select from a variety of top-view tubes.  Jürgen has been working hard on the design and he has a question for the community.  One of the options is a set of six SIEMENS red coated nixie tubes.  Alternatively, Jürgen can coat much cheaper IN-12 tubes and achieve a similar look.  Which option do you prefer:

SIEMENS tube pictured

Option 1 - a SIEMENS factory-coated red tube with a correct #5 for 50 EUR

Option 2 - a red coated IN-15 for 15 EUR with an inverted #5


Tentative Price

The clock electronics (unassembled) will cost 110 EUR:

The enclosure will cost 25 EUR

The tubes will cost:

  • A set of IN-12 tubes (clear): 10 EUR
  • A set of IN-12 tubes (coloured, If someone like it): 15 EUR
  • A set of ZM1100 tubes (AEG, clear): 30 EUR
  • A set of ZM1100 tubes (TELEFUNKEN, orange coated): 30 EUR
  • A set of ZM1180 tubes (SIEMENS, red coated): 50 EUR

And assembly (optional) will cost 25 EUR




+2 #1 Brian Stuckey 2011-02-06 03:33
I vote for the Siemens tube :)
+1 #2 Guest 2011-02-06 04:01
Keep the cost down, go for the IN-12 tubes!
+2 #3 Guest 2011-02-06 04:16
Option 1: Siemens. And tell me when it's ready to ship. That enclosure looks great!
+1 #4 Mathew Beall 2011-02-06 12:00
Siemens - although will most likely remove the red tint....
+1 #5 Michael Sangster 2011-02-07 02:18
I vote for the Siemens tubes
+1 #6 Guest 2011-02-07 17:05
I vote for the real thing, The Siemens Tubes. I would ask though how he plans to coat the IN-12's? I have done this with a glass paint and although it looks great, it is not a very durable finish.
+1 #7 Juergen Grau 2011-02-07 17:34
Enclosures are arrived...

Hi @ all,

the enclosures are arrived today so I'm ready now for delivery... :D
And the new frosted (not white) front cover looks awesome :roll:

As I've told Brian, the first ordered clock "kits" with AEG / TELEFUNKEN or SIEMENS tubes you get ready assembled and tested for free (this means a complete clock ready to go).
#8 Juergen Grau 2011-02-10 18:41
Quoting Michael Barile:
I would ask though how he plans to coat the IN-12's?

It's very easy: First clean all tubes with dipping into spiritus. This specially removes the "OTK" stamp.
Than fill your dipping laquer into a glass jar and dip every dried tube fully into the lacquer. Now keep them drying for around 30 mins.
As you have now also lacquered the socket - this gives a good isolation - now only the sockets needs a bath in brush cleaner to remove the lacquer from the socket pins.
The coating is absolutely durable...
but this is a big efford and only practical when lacquering a bigger batch of tubes - not only 6 pcs...

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