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Forum user AnubisTTB found a nice nixie clock design on CrystalRadio.cn.  What really makes this clock stand out is the level of detail in the traces.  Member Beast Lee confirmed that the seller will ship worldwide via DHL.  Hopefully Beast Lee will post some photos when he gets his :)

QS30 Nixie Clock

QS30 Nixie Clock


1, with DC12V power supply, the maximum power current of 400mA.
2, the use of glow 6 QS30-1 digital control, can display year, month, hour, day or displayed simultaneously.
3, using 13 neon 3mm in diameter, can indicate the week and the clock colon.
4, using all the features of infrared remote control operation (on / off clock, shows the lunar calendar, the Gregorian calendar, indoor temperature, adjust the date and time, etc.).
5, the bottom of each tube stars glow bright white LED chip to do a background light, the backlight can be turned off when the alternating light and dark once per second (note the transition of light and dark, not bright, and off, using the PWM LED production Dimming effect of a shining in the evening), boot time can also turn on or off by remote control the backlight function.
6, using passive buzzer to remote control operation of each voice prompts, the results of different operating functions and have different sounds.
7, can be automatically calculated according to calendar time, day of the week, and can automatically calculate the lunar date, the settings only need to set the date to the Gregorian calendar.
8, in order to extend the life of glow tube (after all, LED tube relatively short life span of many) that can glow with a remote control off the clock, but the whole point of every moment, glow clock showed 10 seconds automatically start time, start Be the whole point timekeeping.
9, using 18B20 as a temperature sensor, to display the indoor temperature.
10, all in a double-sided circuit board layout, circuit board is designed, delicate lines, and the glow tube Brilliance, all GND lines were plated the network, the circuit board thickness 2mm.
11, the internal DC-DC boost circuit used to provide 180v DC high voltage for the glow tube use, small size and high efficiency.
12, used as the master C8051F310 MCU, all programs using C language.
13, using 74HC595 decoder control to do the corresponding figures glow tube display.
14, using DS1302 clock chip, with high-precision crystal resonator Citizen (32.768kHz, accuracy ± 5ppm).
15, MCU and clock chips are also used to use the 5v power supply step-down DC-DC circuit, high efficiency, small heat.




#1 Jeff Thomas 2011-01-12 17:12
Very innovative and novel approach to using the copper as an art form in itself. Although it does not appear to be electrically functional (in looking at the top layer) it's a nascent medium, and full of possibilities!
#2 Guest 2011-01-14 16:01
I'm so exciting to see my work here.
Beast Lee, thanks, I'm going to shipping this after two days.
Any questions you guys can tell me, I expect I can make more friends here.
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