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€ 135 Completed (~$191 USD)

Okay, has a cool new little nixie clock out based on IN-16 tubes.  I've reviewed to of this other clocks (the IN-12 and VFD clock) and love them both.  This guys looks like he surpasses the build quality of the other two.  It uses a sandwiched Plexiglas enclosure like the VFD clock and manages to fit all of the components in an incredibly small space.  Looking for the perfect Christmas gift?  I am pretty sure that this is the one.








Technical Data

  • Tubes: IN-16 Nixie tubes, 13 mm digit height.
  • RGB tubes lighting: brightness adjustable.
  • Alarm: adjustable time, snooze and tone.
  • Time format: 12- or 24 hour mode.
  • Display: time / alarm / date / or alternating time - date.
  • Effects: scrolling date, display fading, digit cycling in different styles.
  • Power: 12VDC 350mA max.
  • DC Power consumption: ca. 3.5VA (full tubes and tubes LED brightness).
  • Timekeeping: for more than 20 min. with 300,000µF SuperCap in the event of mains failure.
  • Time accuracy: internal 4 MHz crystal, adjustable with buttons for minimal deviation of app. 1 s per month.
  • Dimension (w x h x d): app. 140 x 62 x 60 mm (incl. tubes)
  • Weight: app. 150 g
  • Power supply: 100...240V~ Power cord for EU/GB/US


Additional Highlights

  • Selectable leading zero suppression between 0:00 and 10:00
  • Selectable digit cross fading
  • Automatic date display with selectable display frequency
  • Scrolling date with adjustable speed
  • Automatic digit cycling with various effects and selectable frequency to prevent cathode poisoning
  • Adjustable standard display brightness
  • Dimmer control with start time and duration to save tube's life
  • Alarm with adjustable tone and snooze option
  • Easy to set up with 3push buttons



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