eBay seller Turbo_Hobby emailed me to show off his newest creation -  a 4 digit IN-12 nixie clock that he has been working on.  Bidding is up to $19 and ends in 7 days.  It comes fully assembled and ready to use. Since this uses IN-12a tubes, the "5" digit is actually an upside down "2".  Presumably the designers did this to save the effort of forming one more digit, however small of a savings that would be.  I really like these tubes because of that little quirk. it gives them more of a personality.

He suggests using this as a novelty desk clock...but given the form factor, you could easily mount this in a small photo box frame or other gadget.  I do have one item from this seller, a single digit clock, and I've been happy with it so far.  Go check out his auction at the bottom of this article.


Turbo Mac IN12 Clock


This is a fully assembled four digit nixie clock with tube saving function. The clock is assembled with high-quality components and accurate clock pulse generator. Digits displayed are large and bright, which is good for a desk clock. Time will be kept by a lithium battery (soldered on board) when it is unplugged. Please refer to the video below or contact me for other details.



  • 4 NOS Soviet IN-12A nixie tubes, bright even in daytime
  • 3 Sets of Alarms
  • 3 Sets of programmable tube saving mode to extend tube life time (Tubes are physically turned off by MOSFET during those periods)
  • 24 hour mode
  • Stores both time and Date
  • Ultra easy control with 4 buttons (set, select, up and down)
  • Standard DC 12V 3.5mm inner positive power supply
    • 150-200mA working current
    • 10mA only at tube saving mod (all tubes are off)
  • Colon displayed by vantage neon bulb as well
  • Reliable high quality components
    • Real-time Clock DS1302
    • Accurate SMD Clock Oscillator
    • Murata (Japan) SMD Clock Trimmer Capacitor
    • ATmel M8 Microprocessor
    • SMD CR1220 Backup Battery
    • High Quality Resettable Fuse
    • ultra slim SMD Alarm Speaker * 2


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