A cool new device landed in our post box this morning: The "Azevedo nwts".Azevedo Devices Logo

This little gadget is an interface between Internet atomic clock time sources (using the NTP protocol) and clocks which have a GPS input.

GPS is a stable, accurate time source, but was really designed for "clear sky" use, meaning that it works best outside of your home. Where I live, I have trouble getting a reliable GPS signal when I move a clock away from the window. The "Azevedo nwts" solves this problem, by providing a GPS compatible signal, but getting the time from your WiFi network instead of a GPS satellite. The "Azevedo nwts" works with any device which uses a GPS signal, but has so far been tested with:

The "Azevedo nwts" that we received is a pre-production model, and the device will go into production in the very near future, as a co-operation between between Azevedo Devices and Mr.Nixie

We will be doing build review of the pre-production device that we have, and a full review as soon as production starts. Watch this space!

Azevedo nwts preprod module

You can find some background to the design process at https://twitter.com/azevedo_devices

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