Zetalink Four Letter Word Nixie Clock

You probably found this page because you were searching for Zetalink.biz, Raymond Wesling or his four letter word machine.  This page is for you.

First and foremost, this website is in no way related to the original site that was at zetalink.biz.  The domain name registration lapsed, the old website went offline, and ineedcaffeine LLC purchased it.  No one at TubeClockDB.com / ineedcaffeine LLC has dealt with Raymond personally but apparently he left a bad impression on the community.

I created this website for two reasons.  First - it will continue to be the home of the four-letter-word machine.  There are a few alternatives to the Ray W. design and they are featured below.  Second, his website was of historic importance and got many people, myself included, interested in Nixie tubes.  The intent is to preserve a portion of Nixie history.  You may see a cached version of the old website here at Archive.orgRemember, the old website is offline so do not try to purchase anything!

Lastly, no email sent to @zetalink.biz will be delivered.  I have not setup any MX records and so all messages will be undeliverable.

Zetalink.biz Alternatives

Jeff Thomas & Peter Hand **coming soon**

(Updated 4/17/2011)

Jeff and Pete are collaborating on a new four letter word machine.  Pete's design (below) is being tweaked and mass produced by Jeff and should be for sale in the near future.  The device with 4x tubes and a power adapter is estimated to cost $499.  This new design will also support a GPS time reference and that option will cost $549.  Sorry, no photos at the moment.

Peter Hand

Pete has both an IV-17 and B7971 version:

{vimeo width="700" height="390"}14467539{/vimeo}



Kooltran (on etsy)

He occasionally has FLW machines for sale and apparently he has a new version in the works:


Four Letter Word

Four Letter Word




Matt Evans (Axio.ms)

Matt has build a nice VFD four letter word device with variable vulgarity settings.  Learn more about his project here


VFD four letter word

VFD four letter word




This is a cool 6 x 7971 nixie clock designed by Cal Ott and Michael Barile.  It is currently being sold as a kit and you can pre order it at BadNixie.com


Fred Bayer in Rosenheim also has a page that shows a FLW:







+1 #1 Guest 2011-07-01 11:34
Hi, you may want to add my web site http://www.bayerf.de/f4lw/home_en.html to this directory of 4 Letter Words.
Thanks, Fred
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