This is an IN-1 Nixie Clock that I made a while ago. It has some rather unusual features:

 * A 3 x 2 layout of the IN-1 tubes

 * Back lighting of the IN-1 tubes (they said it wasn't possible!)

 * The case, which is an old presentation box for a bottle of Grappa or Port

 * The WiFi time provider module, which means you never have to set the clock ever again

 * The WiFi configuration

I guess not everyone will like the 3 x 2 format of the tubes, but the format was inspired directly by the shape of the case.

The video takes you through the way the tubes are mounted, using gallons of hot glue, a trick to make small neons look bigger and brighter, and the WiFi configuration of the clock.

Full Disclosure: I make the Nixie Clock Module and the WiFi time provider module!

You can get the modules here: 





Ian's Nixie Clocks Store


#1 Ian 2017-01-08 17:26
I Just found the original contents of the box. It is Grappa, and costs three times what the clock does... :D

I'd still prefer to have the clock than the Grappa
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