I know the last few updates have been about NixieKits.eu and this next device doesn't even have a display component - but it is cool, it is something that I would buy, and it is something that I think you'll like :)  This is a headphone amplifier designed by Jürgen Grau.  It is still a work in progress you can start to get an idea of what this will look like.  For size comparison, It has the same footprint as the NixieTherm and Nixie SPL (70mm x 70mm).

I like this because I'm a bit of an audio nut.  I own a nice pair of Sennheiser cans and a nice external firewire DAC for listening to music.  I'm in the market for a headphone amplifier so this got my attention when he sent it to me.  He is already working on an awesome VU meter so this new product makes sense.

To power the amp, you need a 12VDC 1A power supply and; the amp itself draws around 8VA. The 6N28B-V tubes are powered with a 34V anode voltage, created with a voltage trippler from the 12VDC. These tiny double triodes are from military surplus, have an ultra long life and are shock proof. They are specially designed to run with a low anode voltage (max. 50V).  Thanks to the "star milling" socket soldering of these wired tubes is super easy.  Output connector is a Neutrik 6.3mm stereo jack, inputs are RCA type.

The headphone amp should be for sale within a month so if you're looking for Christmas presents, this may be for you :)



#1 Michael 2011-10-27 19:59
Very Nice! A LOT of competition out there with the big boys though!
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