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YouTube User Dercebe uploaded an amazing video of an all tube nixie clock.  I've posted a comment asking for more information.  In the meantime, this is his description:

All tube Nixie Tube clock. Still without case.
Featuring all tube electronics, no semiconductors apart from 1N4007s,
mainly in the BCD decoder circuit. Timebase derived from line frequency. 
Neon indicators show state of the flip-flops, making it a dual binary/dec clock.
Flip-flops and active parts in the decoder are E92CC Telefunken tubes NOS.
Display Tubes are russian IN18 in custom designed sockets.
Timebase frequency scaler using E1T beam deflection tubes.
PSU offering 3 tube stabilized outputs.
Direct setting via BCD logic switches. 
Aprox. 1500 components, over 4000 solder joints, ca400 Watts
of power consumption.



#1 Guest 2011-08-09 06:06
This clock looks very similar to the clock developed at the Technische Universität Berlin, EMSP. You can see the link here to the clock and you can download full circuit diagrams too: - if the link doesn't work you can Googler for digitahluhr oncilla. There is also an interresting E1T geiger counter built at the university called Caracal and some other nice information on "Back to the roots" electronics as they call it.
#2 Guest 2011-10-30 12:29
Hello there.
Yes, I built this clock pretty close along the EMSP design. However, using hand wiring instead of PCBs required quite a lot of changes to capacitances in the flipflops. I had ongoing problems with miscountings, but that seems to be solved by now... lot of fiddling there.
Changing characteristric s of the neon lamps made it neccessary to exchange quite a lot of them until everything ran stable.
Construction of a housing will hopefully be during winter. The final power draw
was mesured 330Watts with a cos phi of 0.9...
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