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1. Review NixieKits.Eu <span class="highlight">IV-12</span>&#160;...
(VFD-based tube clocks)
Price 159 € Intro Jürgen Grau, the inventor behind the IN-12 Nixie clock I reviewed a few weeks ago, has a new clock kit on the market.  This one is based off of six discreet IV-12 type vacuum  ...
Created on 12 September 2010
2. Manuela <span class="highlight">IV-12</span>&#160;...
(VFD-based tube clocks)
Price:   159 € By Jürgen Grau Jürgen just sent in a new clock that he will soon be selling as a kit on his website.  It is an IV-12 based vacuum fluorescent tube clock with a clean looking sandwich s ...
Created on 08 August 2010
3. Yuriy Ovchinnikov
... used 19 pcs. $0.50 IV-8 191 pcs. $0.80 IV-11 120 pcs. $1.00 IV-11 used 4 pcs. $0.50 IV-12 Sold Out Sold Out IV-17 66 pcs. $1.50 IV-20 2 pcs. ...
Created on 25 November 2016
4. Video Review: Laura
(Nixie-based tube clocks)
... n evolved option of Jürgen’s previous designs. The backlighting has always been a separate menu for the Nixie Kit designs back to the IV-12 Jenny VFD clock. I don’t think there are technical reasons f ...
Created on 14 October 2012
5. Video Review: IN-16
(Nixie-based tube clocks)
...  17512915 Text Review: If you’ve seen the reviews of the IN-12 of IV-12 clocks, this one will look similar.  Let’s start out with the similarities between the clocks. The menu and underlying ...
Created on 06 December 2010
6. Top Search Terms
...  to do with this data, but I felt like sharing it. nixie clock iv-12 tubes nixie watch tubeclockdb nixie power supply ice tube clock iv-12 vfd 16tube scope clock tube clock nixi ...
Created on 17 August 2010


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