Non-Tube Clocks: LED and other random clocks

Here is an announcement that I'm very excited about. The QR Clock from that was on Hack A Day a few weeks ago has been refined an now available for pre-sale on Tindie. If you haven't seen this device - it is a large LED matrix that generated QR codes that contain the time. Of course, you have to pull our your smart phone (which has a built in clock) to read this device diminishing its utility somewhat. This interesting juxtaposition is what makes this clock genius in my opinion.

As of this writing, the campaign has reached $1,800 of its $5,000 goal. The clock itself is only $100 so if you're interested, please pre-order it before the campaign ends.

From the description:

The time is displayed as a Version 1 21x21 pixel QR code. Try to scan one of the images on this page for a quick demonstration. It measures 8x8" and features a brilliant white display that automatically adjusts to ambient lighting allowing it to be clearly visible during the day without being distracting at night. It has a simple mounting system on the back that will work perfectly on a standard picture hanging nail. The soft rubber pads under the display will keep it from damaging the wall.


Jurgen just sent me a video of his latest creation - a neon bar graph audio VU meter. This device is powered from a 12V DC wall power adapter or from 2x USB ports because of the 1A current draw. It uses a logarithmic display from -20 dB to +10 dB.  The enclosure will look like the NixieTherm or the headphone amp that is currently in production.


Paraphrased from the seller: This is a hand crafted, radio controlled clock.  Each clock is one of a kind and only the highest quality components are used.  The buyer may customize the clock with any LED color or size of their choice.


Peter from clued me in to a software nixie clock that he made.  It is a Windows / Linux piece of software that emulates a six digit nixie clock.  If you don't want to bring your real nixie clock to work, this might just be what you need :)

Update October 2018: It appears that Axiris have transmogified into Elektor, and the software is not available any more. I can't find anything about the clocks any more either. There are some other clocks, which appeared in Elektor magazines. I've updated the links to those.



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