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1. <span class="highlight">ZM1350</span> based Four-Letter-Word clock&#160;...
(Nixie-based tube clocks)
... Machine except that this one uses Panaplex style ZM1350 neon displays.  Essentially, they are flat versions of the B971 and can be used as a replacement with no electrical changes needed. Basically, ...
Created on 19 May 2009
2. Video Review: Little Blue Something
(Nixie-based tube clocks)
...  5: for two B7971 or ZM1350 special alphanumeric tubes multiplex 1x32   Price (as of this writing) 6x tubes 38.56 EUR Clock Kit (electronics & case) 144 EUR DCF77 Kit 22 EUR   Links ...
Created on 08 August 2012
3. The GPS FLW
(Nixie-based tube clocks)
... that he was not going to get the device and so he decided to engineer his own version.  In fact, he made two versions – a B7971 version (that also supports the planar neon ZM1350 tubes) as well as a smaller ...
Created on 31 October 2011
4. Four Letter Word Generator
(Nixie-based tube clocks)
... clock design and he had to design his own. The entire device is surface mount components and supports either B7971 of the flat ZM1350 style tubes.  The kits is $100 or pre-built (without tubes) for $120. ...
Created on 19 August 2010
5. Top Search Terms
...  kit the beauty z560m itm2m iv-17 vfd crt clock kit in-18 nixie numitron tube tubeclock zm1350 ice tube clock kit nixie clocks turbo_hobby zaceira clock scop ...
Created on 17 August 2010


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