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1. <span class="highlight">Dekatron</span> <span class="highlight">Nixie</span> <span class="highlight">Clock</span>&#160;...
(User Submtted)
4bl5kSr8C3Q YouTube User SLvik78 John found a great dekatron based Nixie clock on YouTube that I wanted to re-post here.  All of the timing is derived from the mains line at 50Hz.  The dekatrons divide ...
Created on 07 July 2010
2. No Ticks, No Tocks, Just <span class="highlight">Nixie</span> <span class="highlight">Clock</span>s by Roddy Scott
(User Submtted)
...  includes a lathe and milling machine. A rotary table was essential for this build as all the connection points for the tubing had to be exact and the recesses for the CV5278s and OG-4 Dekatron precis ...
Created on 24 February 2017
3. Electromechanical <span class="highlight">Nixie</span> <span class="highlight">Clock</span>
(Nixie-based tube clocks)
  Most nixie clock use a microprocessor and a crystal to keep the time.  Some use the mains 50/60Hz as a reference.  Even fewer use ring counters (like the Nixie Neon clock) or dekatron counters for ...
Created on 19 September 2010
4. Top Search Terms
...  nixie nixie psu numitron current pete hand nixie tube clocks clock vector dekatron nixie clock iv-11 vfd iv-12 iv-17 nixie iv-17 tube magic eye vu meter make your own vacuum fluorescen ...
Created on 17 August 2010
5. GeekKlok by Josiah
(User Submtted)
Josiah, the creator of the Coachella Lamp has also submitted two, very nice, B7971 GeekKloks.  These are based off of the Zetalink** kit and known for both the enormous B7971 tubes as well as the...inventive...time ...
Created on 23 June 2010


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