Nixie-based tube clocks

By Jeff Thomas / Resonant Instruments, LLC.

$495 / sold out


This is the really little brother of the NixiChron clock.  The fact that he managed to fit all of the components in to such a small packaging - and fit four vacuum tubes in it is amazing.  They require about 180vdc to power…your average AA battery puts out just 1.5 for comparison.  And even more amazing, he managed to fit this in 2.75"L x 1.5"W x 1.2"H




By Jeff Thomas / Resonant Instruments LLC

Kit w/o Tubes $299

Assembled w/o Tubes $349

This is my clock.  I am the proud owner of the last one made according to the creator himself.  The display in this clock is a Russian Nixie tube called an IN-18 / ИН-18.  This is a really odd display.  There are 10 filaments inside of the tube.  Each one is shaped in the form of a number.  The tube is then filled with neon gas and a little bit of mercury to prevent cathode poisoning.    When ~180vdc is applied to one of the numbers, it glows.

Six of the IN-18 / ИН-18 tubes are used to display the time.  Like the Scope Clock, the time is set via GPS but a built in clock keeps the clock going when a signal cannot be located.  The tubes are some of the largest that were produced in quantity which adds a collector value to the clock.  Since they do wear out, I have a second set stored in a hard Pelican case.

Jeff Thomas IN-18 NIXIECHRON clock


As of 7/22/2009, the clock is once again for sale. It is now being offered fully assembled for $349 or as a kit for $299.  If you're looking for an IN-18 clock, this is the one to get!


NixiChron Kit

Thanks to Michael for the update!



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