Problems with WEMOS Clock Firmware Rev 7

1 year 2 months ago #11674 by Duane
I performed an 'Over-the-Air' firmware update on my Wemos clock last night, upgrading the firmware to V7. The updater web page reported a successful update. Very cool option by the way,

I have run into some issues with the new firmware. Firstly, I will discuss issues seen when performing settings via the web management interface.

Firstly, 12/24 hour mode seems to be gone. The clock will only run in 24 hour mode. I tried changing it to 12 hour mode via both the web interface and also via the pushbutton interface, and neither works. The clock records the change to 12 hour mode, but still displays in 24 hour mode.

The second issue has to do with the clock displaying the date when you press the button on the clock.. My setting are:
12H mode, Leading Zero Blank enabled, date format DD-MM, Scrollback On, Fade Effect Off.

When using the pushbutton to display seconds, if "Date Slots" = "Bang in, bang out", the minutes:seconds display updates for 4 seconds or so, then hangs showing the minutes:seconds display but not updating the seconds until the next minute interval is over then the display resets to the current hours:minutes display and seems to run fine. This does not occur if “Date Slots” = "Wipe In, “Wipe Out”.

Next, if “Date Slots” = “Bang In, Bang Out” the date is not shown on each minute change. Also,
If “Date Slots” = “Don’t use slots mode” the date is not shown on each minute change.
If "Date Slots" = "Wipe In, Wipe Out" the date shows for 4 seconds as expected then changes back to the Hours:minutes display.

Also, I am having trouble seeing what the “Scrollback Effect” does. I have turned it on and off, and changed then number of steps to the min and max and am not noticing the result. Could be me.

The Fade effect works fine.

I have run into some problems and documentation issues when using the online V4 user guide and the pushbutton interface on the clock. I realize that some of these are probably just documenation changes from V4 to V7 of the firmware, but some (like non-existant modes) seem like bugs.

Refer to the Mode Table in the user guide starting on page 10 of the document.

Mode 07 - 12/14 hour select - as with the web interface this is ignored.
Mode 16 - Blank Mode - clock has options 0-3 inclusive. Document only discusses 0-2 inclusive
Mode 22 - Separator Mode - clock has options 0-6 inclusive. Document only discusses 0-3 inclusive.
Since my clock does not have the PIR option, Pressing the long button press skips the PIR options as expected.
However, then next long button press shows Mode 03 (which does not exist) with value 80
Another long button press displays Mythical Mode 03 again.
The next long button press shows Mode 25 with options 0-3 inclusive. Document discusses 0-5 inclusive.
Modes 26, 27, 28 seem OK
However the next long button press shows Mode 0 with value 2.
The following long press shows Mode 0 with value 2 again.
The next long press shows Mode 32 correctly with 2 options.
And Modes 33 and Digit Test are OK.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.

- Bill

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1 year 2 months ago #11676 by Ian
Hi Bill, thanks for the detailed message - I'm travelling today, but tomorrow I will be able to sit down with a clock and have a heart to heart with it. Under the covers, there were massive changes in firmware V7, the idea of which are to make all of the "modern" firmware types share a codebase. The Wemos 4 digit clock was the first of these and basically blazed the trail for all the others, and therefore was left a bit behind when the Numitron firmware took up the baton. I ended up having to backport all of the later changes into the code, and that has disrupted things, especially the shared SPIFFS driver, which now is the same over all clocks, even though the options are different. For example, Numitrons have a preheat setting but don't do fading, but Nixies have just the opposite. Anyway, enough of the excuses.I'll fix it.

Scrollback is only effective when going from "9" back to "0", which doesn't happen all that often on a 4 digit clock. In this case, the numbers should rapidly count down through "9", "8", "7" ... all the way back to "0".

Many, many thanks for talking the time to write down the errors. I'll give an update here when the problems are fixed.

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1 year 2 months ago #11677 by Duane
Hi Ian,
No rush; I know it is Euro vacation season. Let me know if there is additional testing you would like me to do.

- Bill

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1 year 2 months ago #11759 by Duane
Not sure if you want me to report these findings via this forum. Do you have a some separate field test mechanism?

When replacing my burned out Wemos module, I upgraded to V8 firmware. Here are some bugs/oddities I have discovered with V8:

When using the web management interface:

You may want to indicate on each option what the range and default value is. The defaults can be located in the document in the section discussing the pushbutton interface, but via the web interface you don't know without referring to the doc.
You could do this in the web interface itself, where you could also show the range. For example, where it now says "Scroll Steps:" you could change this to "Scroll Steps (1-80;default 4):".

If "Date Slots=Don't use slots mode", the date does not appear on the clock prior to the minute change. Not sure if this is intended or not. The pushbutton interface under Mode 23 seems to imply this. If the intent of this option is to enable or disable displaying the date, then you may want to just change this option to a radio button like "Date Display: * On * Off"

Scroll steps allows 1-80, pushbutton interface documentation states limit is 40. may be documentation issue.

If you select "Restart WiFi Module" from the Utilities web management page, it restarts the clock, but also clears the router information so you need to go to the clock's SSID to reset your router info.. The doc states that the settings are not changed.

When using the pushbutton management interface on the clock:
Note I do not have the PIR option installed.

Mode 10, the value range is 1-80, doc states 40 is max (may be doc issue)
Mode 11, the value range is 1-80, doc states 40 is max (may be doc issue)
Mode 17 has both the values 00 and 24 for the hour
Mode 18 has both the values 00 and 24 for the hour
If I am on Mode 24 and I do a long press, I get to Mode 03 value 00
another long press goes again to Mode 03 value 00 again
another long press gets me back to Mode 27. Mode 27, is .correct as are the rest.

Minor documentation issue:
On modes 13 and 14, the value range appears to be correct (20-200) in the firmware, but when the clock reaches 100, it displays 00 (since there are only 2 digits). You may want to comment about this in the document since a value of say 50 could be 50 or 150.

I am not sure how modes 25 and 26 work via the pushbutton interface since I do not have the PIR option installed, but my comment above about Modes 13,14 may apply here as well.

Let me know if I can test anything else for you.

- Bill

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1 year 1 month ago #11763 by Duane
Found one more issue with v8. If you set the clock (either via the button or the web interface) to blank the leading zero, the clock forgets this setting on next power-up and reverts to displaying the leading zero.

- Bill

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