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11 years 3 weeks ago #111 by Stuckey
If anyone has downloaded the forum, I would be happy to host the files here. Leave a message here and I will contact you to work out details.

From AJ:

Yahoo, in their infinite idiocy, have once again foisted upon us a new "upgrade", without warning and without asking whether we wanted it. This new UI/skin or whatever they're calling it is a total crapfest. This was the last straw, so I am no longer going to be running this group on Yahoo. Owner Ray is once again MIA, having been in the "Bouncing" email list for over 3 months, so I don't expect him to take over anytime soon.

If any of those who have downloaded content in response to my previous posts on the subject, or anyone willing to do so now, would like to take up the torch and host/manage a replacement group elsewhere, you are quite welcome to do so. If there are more than one of you, I leave it up to yourselves to work out the details. You may use this message board to do so if you wish. I will provide whatever assistance I can, and will leave this group open to member posts without moderation (members currently on moderation, I hope to have all of you on normal status shortly but if I miss anyone, I will still be notified by email and will admit your posts and update your status as I am able).

The group will be closed to new members until further notice. I will also be updating the homepage text alerting anyone arriving there to the situation.

If an alternative to this group approved by formal or informal consensus of the members here is underway in a timely manner, I will happily update this group's homepage again to redirect any new arrivals to the new alternative site.

Best regards, and hoping to see you all soon in greener (oranger?) pastures,
Alan "A.J." Franzman
NEONIXIE-L moderator

"If the laws of physics don't apply in the future, then god help you."

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