Can someone make me a Steins;Gate Divergence Meter?

4 years 2 months ago #8675 by CryptPixel
Hey Ian!

I saw this video on a review on one of the Nixie Tube Clocks you built. I was wondering whether you could help me make a custom "Divergence Meter" like the gadget from Steins;Gate.

The video I saw one of your products was here "In18 Blue Dream Review for" by Brian Stuckey

Unfortunately someone bought the most perfect, nice looking one off of Ebay for $320 and I was looking to see if you can make one for me with their being 8 In-18 Nixie Tubes evenly being placed along with the very nice stainless steel casing covering the internal workings like the one in the video.

I would like there to be as well a Anti-Cathode Poison feature, Neon blue lights at the bottom having the option of being on or off, 12 hour clock feature and the Steins;Gate setup.

I know where you can get the coding/schematics for the Steins;Gate Nixie Tube Divergence Meter

Found from this video

however please message me about this and I can go into more details and work with you on this. I will surely be paying for this too.

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4 years 2 months ago #8677 by Ty_Eeberfest
This is a moderated forum, that's why your posts are not appearing immediately. Until you've built up some posting history your posts go into the mod queue for approval, and that sometimes takes a while. I've approved this post and deleted the duplicate.

Whoever bought the device off eBay for $320 either got extremely lucky or received a device with no tubes in it. 8 IN-18s alone cost more than $320 - considerably more if they are a properly matched set of NOS tubes. And of course the tubes are just the beginning. The video you linked gives a pretty good idea of how much time, effort and materials are involved in making a custom device.

Anyway, we shall see what Ian has to say....

Look into it later when the dust is clearing off the crater.

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4 years 13 hours ago - 4 years 13 hours ago #8852 by Pacman223
I ran into this site..

they claim coming soon is a replica of the stiengate divergance meter.

you might give them an email... I suspect they would build you one... it might be pricey though..

I just purchased the black and wood clock kit from them... expecting it in a few days
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