Measuring the life span of nixie tubes - SHINE

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I'm very excited to announce that the SHINE (SALTechips IN-13 Endurance experiment) is now online! :woohoo:
Measuring the life span of nixie tubes using the rigorous method we developed for the first time since the Cold War era!

During his review of the thermNeon nixie thermometer Brian asked how long the tube will last. Since then here at SALTechips we have been getting a similar question from several customers. Traditionally the answer has been speculative.

We bit the bullet and designed the SHINE experiment as a practical measurement of how long a typical neon indicator tube will last before it becomes too dim to be usable. Doing so we developed a theoretical basis and precision instrumentation (the SALTesmurf!) just for this purpose. The experiment focuses on the IN-13 bargraph tube, although the tools and techniques can be used on most nixie tubes.

Read all about it here:
and watch a live Ustream feed from the measurement screens! :cheer:

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